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Someone in Your Corner

In a boxing match two opponents fight, fiercely, for three grueling minutes. The fight has eight, three minute rounds. The fighter will win some rounds and lose others. At the end of the match, if there is no knock-out, the opponent who won the most rounds will win the match. A dedicated boxer has a desire to win, certain abilities that enable him to fight well, and he has a coach (trainer). The fighter’s desire drives him to continue when he feels like he cannot throw another punch, his ability helps him to see the right opportunities and his coach trains him to focus on his abilities to use them in ways that will give him a bigger advantage and is always there to advise him based on his observance of the fight. His coach also encourages him by reinforcing the boxer’s strengths, building confidence, thereby minimizing his weaknesses.

You can have the desire and the ability but without someone to help you see where you could be missing opportunities or making the wrong moves you could make some mistakes that cost you a round or two. Losing too many rounds will cause you to lose the fight, that is if you don’t get knocked out.

When beginning a new endeavor or trying to find direction in one that is existing you should consider several things.

  1. Have you determined why you want to be, do or have this?

  2. Do you have a list of everything you need to make it happen?

  3. Is there a list of the obstacles you will encounter along with the predetermined solution for each obstacle?

  4. Is there a detailed plan and list of action steps to achieve it?

  5. Do you have a list of people and or organizations that can help you get there?

When you have positive answer to each of the questions above you will have the steps to achieve anything that you want. Although each step is necessary, the last step on this list is the one that will give you the edge and dramatically increase your odds of actually achieving what it is that you want and in less time.

When choosing the people to help you achieve your goal, you should consider how they can help you. They should be people who have the experience and resources that you do not have. They will be your source of energy when you have none, knowledge when you cannot see past where you are, advisor when you what you are doing does not work, and your encourager when it looks like there is no way out.

The most powerful and successful people in the world have coaches. Many of them, more than one. There are coaches for anything that you can imagine but the ones that you will need are those that complement the areas that you wish to achieve. I learned some time ago that if I want to be, do or have something that I need to find someone who has already done it and get them to help me do it.

Find yourself a coach, practice and execute your plan, with their guidance, and you will not only win the round but you will win the fight!

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