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Embrace Your Strengths

Your future is not determined by your past but it does provide you certain strengths that can benefit you in your future. Everyone has experienced something painful in their past. If you use them as a positive source, these experiences will provide strength that can be used to move you more rapidly through future trials and allow you to help others who are having similar problems. If allowed to dwell within you they will turn into anger and bitterness which will cloud your belief system causing a cycle of recurring events to begin. If this is not dealt with, your life will become like a crazy eight, cycling between one extreme and another. The first giving you power and energy. The second relieving you of the stress gained from the previous cycle, which is typically in the form of depression.

You want to live on the strong side of this event, right? Great! Let me show you how.

  1. Identify the source of the pain.

  2. Accept that that happened is in the past.

  3. Forgive yourself and others.

  4. Dream about what you want to be, do or have and write it down

  5. Make a plan to achieve it.

  6. Start to take the steps to get there

  7. Give what you have learned to someone else.

A young man who was very bright and became a successful businessman but he stuttered terribly. He was being limited by this problem. He desired to get better but nothing seemed to help. When he began being coached he went through this exercise and he remembered that when he was a child his parents fought. He liked to watch cartoons and one character he watched would stutter when he wanted attention. With the intelligence of a child, he decided that the relationship between getting attention and stuttering was worth a try. It worked. Every time his parents would fight, he would cry out in stuttering clamor. This became a normal act for him because he got attention from it. Over time this attention-getter became a limitation in his life.

When he began to receive coaching these steps were implemented in his life and he remembered this happening in his life and he could also see why he did it. Then he realized that this was the limitation in his life and just like he placed it into his life he could remove it. He wanted to be able to provide better for his family and give them the life that they deserved. This was his passion. Using this passion he was able to redirect the weakness and with a few intentional, fierce screams he released the pain and from that moment he was free from stuttering. He turned a painful experience from his past into a strength that released him to live his life without limitations and achieve his dreams of a successful business that provides abundantly for his family.

You can also have this kind of experience in your life. Walk through the steps and find the passion within you, embrace it and live your destiny.

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