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Building a Business that Runs Itself

Being in business for yourself can be demanding. Many people dream of being their own boss, only to achieve it and find out that they just gave themselves a job. They work more hours for less money and do not even have time to go on vacation with their family, all of which was the purpose of being in business for themselves. If this sounds like you, I have great news! It does not have to stay this way. You can turn your business into a successful business and have the time and money to vacation with your family and much more.

The secret to being the boss and creating a business that is self-sufficient is the systems that you put into place. Let’s explore this. Some of the reasons that business owners are bound to their business are;

  1. Employees who need your constant direction

  2. Inconsistent progress if you have to be absent

  3. Customer complaints that cause refunds or discounts

  4. Account receivables not consistent

  5. Accounts payable too high

These are things that I experienced when I was in business for myself. I hear the same reasons over and over again from other business owners. I discovered the solution to all of these problems with systems.

The very first element in a business is the mission and vision. If you do not have a clear mission and vision for your business your staff will not have one either. Determine what those are and teach them to your staff. They should be able to tell anyone what they are.

Every business is made up of different departments, sales, operations, administration, management and owners. Each department will have a manager and different positions to perform the work in that department. Setting up the structure is the first part of any system. Without structure there is no foundation.

Next, each position must be defined. This will include the description of the job to be performed and a listing of the tasks assigned to this position.

Each task must then be defined so the staff member can refer to the task description and be able to follow through. This is a tedious and vital step and is the key to the success of your structure.

When a business is young, multiple tasks will be performed by the same person, including you. This is normal but make sure you are not spreading them into too thin because it will be counter-productive.

Here is a review;

  1. Identify and define your mission and vision

  2. Outline the structure of your business into departments and positions

  3. Define the positions along with the hierarchy

  4. Articulate the tasks assigned in each position along with the instruction on how to perform the task correctly

  5. Do not fall into the trap of allowing a staff member perform tasks that are not assigned to them even if it seems like the most effective way at the time.

  6. Train your staff and provide ongoing training

  7. Encourage your staff with recognition and awards

  8. Help your staff achieve their personal goals and they will help you achieve yours

“You don’t build a business, you build people and they will build the business.” Zig Ziglar

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