Turn your dreams into reality

All of us have a dream or two. Turning those dreams into reality is a process. They do not become reality simply because you want them become reality.

Dreams must be qualified. You need an overwhelming reason to achieve your dreams. Recently, one of my coaches asked me what my “Why” was for achieving a certain goal that I had set. My answer was to help others achieve their dreams. It goes much deeper than this because for you to achieve it you have to have a burning desire for it. There has to be a personal connection that drives you when the obstacles arise. That overwhelming “why”, for me, is so I can dedicate the rest of my life to time my family and giving to others who can learn from my experience. This reason burns deep in my soul. When I talk about it I get emotional and excited. This is what your “Why” should do for you. If you are not emotionally connected to it, you will not be committed to it when the obstacles arise.

The next step in achieving your dreams is to plan them. This is a step that takes the dream out of your head and makes it tangible. At this point, it is not a dream any more, it is a goal. The planning stage is comprised of several items that should be explored and articulated. What do you need, who you need to help you, what obstacles will arise, how will you overcome them, what are the steps you must take to realize the goal and the last step is to implement the plan.

This is where that “one thing” will stop you. You can commit countless hours to planning and preparing but if you do not start nothing will happen. Failure to implement is the biggest reason you will not achieve your dreams. The culprit behind “failure to implement” is fear of failure. As a human, you have fears. These have been taught to you through your teachers, family and personal experiences. Until you are taught that you can’t do it, you don’t know that you can’t. This is sometimes the result of incorrect planning, and lack of external support.

Failure is directly related to effort. You will not win at everything you do but if you don’t allow yourself the opportunity to fail, you will never succeed. Darren Hardy, previous editor of Success Magazine, has interviewed some of the most successful men and women in the world and he said that through his interviews with these people, he learned that success and failure are like the pendulum of a clock, it swings equally to each side. What does that mean to you? If you want to achieve great success in this world you must have great failures.

Fail yourself into success!

“Make failure your teacher, not your undertaker.” Zig Ziglar

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