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This week I have been preparing for a big event and also trying to take care of business as usual. I have had to remind myself of the things that I teach others. Planning, organization, focus on the objective and last but probably the most important is WHY I do what I do every day.

It is easy to get off track and to get focused on the daily activities that occupy your time. If you don’t keep things in perspective those things will eat away at your day and all of your plans, organization, and the objectives get lost in the details of the demands of you throughout your day.

Have you ever felt like the harder you try to accomplish your goals the harder it is to reach them? It is because the demands of you right now get you side tracked and the next thing you know your day is gone.

You can go through the motions of setting up a good plan, organizing it and even starting to execute it but when something “pops up” and demands your attention that can be the start of the unraveling of all your well planned list of things to do.

How do you prevent this from happening?

  1. Know why you do what you are doing. Without an overwhelming reason to achieve your goal, other things will take priority and you will not accomplish your goals.

  2. Make a list of your daily activities the day before. Knowing in advance what you need to do will help you focus on it when you are in the middle or all of your daily projects

  3. Prioritize these activities from most important to least important. Starting with the most important typically is the most difficult to do but it will get the hard part out of the way so you can knock out the other things and feel more accomplished.

  4. Categorize them by the seven areas of your life. Personal, career, financial, spiritual, family, physical, and mental. This will help you see where you are focusing your time and to tell when you are not spending enough time in that area.

  5. Make sure that all of it is written down with the organization in place and keep it with you throughout the day for review. A digital version of this is OK as long as you are using it only for review but it will not be readily available to you when someone approaches you to do something that is not on the agenda. Having it in front of you will allow you to manually add their request and not allow it to interfere with other things that are more important.

Planning is the first step to achieving your goals but what you do when the obstacles arise, is what will determine how long it takes for you to arrive.

“People often complain about the lack of time when it is the lack of direction that is the problem.” Zig ZIglar

#planning #goalsetting #personaldevelopment #ziglar

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