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I have been studying women CEOs this past week and I have learned something that is common in all of them. They are some of the highest paid executives in the United States, yet they have managed to balance their lives in order to achieve their goals. Before you determine that they could do it because they have special abilities or circumstances, I can tell you, from learning about each one that they are common people just like you.

The key to their success is balance. They are who they are and where they are because they have learned the secret to balancing the seven areas of their life.

Everyone has the same seven areas in their life. They are;

  1. Family

  2. Spiritual

  3. Mental

  4. Physical

  5. Social

  6. Career

  7. Financial

When you commit a little of each day to the development of each area, focusing on the areas that are flat or lacking you will be able to achieve a higher level of success in your life.

Imagine your life as a wheel or a circle. This wheel has 7 different pieces, each representing an area of your life. As your life is developed in each area the wheel becomes larger. If it is well rounded it will remain round as it grows. When one area is developed more than another, the wheel becomes out of round or unbalanced. An unbalanced wheel will cause rough areas in your life that are quite bumpy.

To find out what areas of your life are not well rounded, you can ask yourself a few questions and score yourself on a range of one to ten, ten being the best. Your answers which will help you to see the areas that need focus.

Some questions that you can ask in each area are:

  1. What is your attitude?

  2. How are your relationships?

  3. How much time do you spend on development?

  4. Are you positively participating in activities that enhance this area?

  5. Do you control outside interference?

  6. Are you focusing on things that provide less stress and more peace?

  7. Do you regularly focus on the content of your daily activity?

  8. How much do you contribute to your growth?

  9. How much do you contribute to the growth and betterment of others?

  10. What is your level of satisfaction?

These are some generic questions to ask for each area in your life. In each area, ask all ten questions, scoring each from 1-10. Total the scores in each area and then average them. This is your score for that area. On a piece of paper, draw a circle and in the middle of it draw a smaller circle. This small circle is you. Extend seven lines from the small circle to the larger circle. Label each line with the seven areas of your life. Now map your score in each area with the lowest score closer to you and the higher score further from you. You should have a number plotted on each line. Connect each number with line, creating another circle.

How round is your circle? The areas that are flat are the areas that you need to focus.

Zig Ziglar said, “What you get by achieving your goals is not as important as what you become by achieving your goal.”

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