Finding Paradise

Have you felt like you were unsatisfied with life, tempted to just walk away from everything you know to find it? You are not alone. This happens to many people in their life.

Today, I want to tell you a story of a man who was looking for paradise. He had a wife who loved him and children who admired him. He liked his work and enjoyed his friends but he still felt that something was missing. One morning, over his breakfast, he decided to go look for paradise. Without a word to his family a walk out the door of his house an out the front gate with the broken latch on his search for paradise. He walked away from the place he called home and never looked back. He traveled each day in the direction he thought he may find it. Each night when he stopped, he kicked off his shoes and carefully placed them in the direction that he would continue to travel the next day. On the third night, he took off his shoes and placed them in the direction he would be travelling but during the night he kicked his makeshift compass one hundred eighty degrees. The next morning, he woke up and set off in the direction his shoes were pointing and three days later he walked upon a horizon and gazed down at Paradise. He walked down into this little town and felt as if he recognized some of the surroundings. As he walked through some of the people spoke to him as he passed as if they knew him. Thinking it odd but writing it off as part of being in paradise, he continued through the town, travelling down the road until it ended at a gate with a broken latch. He felt that it was very familiar and he opened the gate and walked up on the porch of the house, hearing joyful noise coming from inside and smelling the delicious fragrance of his favorite meal. He knocked on the door and was greeted by children who gleefully chimed out “Daddy” and by a woman who kissed with great love and affection. He took a deep breath and sighed, ahhhh, paradise. Every day he now eats his breakfast delighting in his new found paradise.

Your desire for paradise is not a crime. You see paradise is a frame of mind. It comes from inside you. You choose it every day. We all seek significance in our lives. We all want to know that we are loved and that we matter.

The fact is that you are already in paradise. You are significant. You are loved and you do matter, to everyone you encounter, especially in the lives of those you lead in your home and your work.

It is all a matter of perspective so when you are feeling insignificant, kick your shoes in the opposite direction and go that way. It is not the same direction that most others go. Stop and look at the profound impact that you are really making. Be the exception and find the paradise that already exists in your life.

“Of all the attitudes that we can have, the attitude of gratitude is the most important and by far the most life changing.” Zig Ziglar

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