The Puzzle of Life

Life is like a puzzle. Each piece of your life should intricately fit into the other making a complete picture when it is all together. A puzzle has many pieces. Every piece is shaped a little different and has part of the complete picture on it.

When you start a puzzle, the most obvious pieces to begin with are the outer frame. The outer frame is your guide to begin fitting the interior pieces into the correct places. These outer pieces are akin to your dreams. The inner pieces are all of the elements of your life such as;

  1. Personal/Mental

  2. Career

  3. Family

  4. Friends/Social

  5. Spiritual

  6. Financial

  7. Physical/Health

When your dreams are in good form (the puzzle is completely framed) you have identified what the dreams are and have been able to convert them into goals. The goal is to achieve success, ie. Fill in the puzzle. With the goals in place, you can begin to fill in the center of the puzzle with the pieces that create a full life. Each piece will represent one of those 7 areas of your life. The key is to link the area of your life to the dream/goal. You can do this by asking yourself why you want to achieve this dream. On the surface it looks like a particular reason but when you begin to drill down to the real reason you will find that there is a much more significant reason that you want to achieve it. This reason is so significant that it will drive you to complete the goal regardless of the obstacles that you encounter. This is like finding the correct piece of the puzzle and fitting it in the correct place. Then the picture or goal begins to take form.

As you move toward achieving your goals you will fit each piece in place. These piece will be a variable of one of the 7 areas of your life, each interlinking with the other. When the pieces begin to go together there will be an equal balance between these 7 areas. As the balance is achieved your life becomes more significant.

There are several reasons that significance can be consistently achieved, just like when you learn to put together various types of puzzles.

Each has;

  1. A solid foundation (the characteristics of loyalty, honesty, integrity, faith)

  2. An anticipation of completion (Your compelling “Why”)

  3. A step by step flow to completion (A plan to achieve your goal)

  4. A continued promise of satisfaction upon completion (Your persistence to achieve your “Why” bringing you to completion of your goals)

Just as a puzzle has an end result so does your dream. Make sure that all of the pieces are in your puzzle so that you can successfully achieve your dreams!

Zig Ziglar said, “What you get by achieving your goals is not as important as what you become by achieving your goals.”

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