Live to Win

Your life is a transference of your recurring thoughts. What you constantly think about will actually manifest in your life. You can manifest the things that you want if you will learn to fill your mind with the proper fuel. It is a proven fact that what goes into your mind becomes your thoughts and your thoughts become your actions.

Not so long ago, I thought that the life I was living was a good one. I had a great business, a husband and family that loved me, and I felt good about my life, but there was something missing. I didn’t know what it was but I felt very unsatisfied. I wanted more from life and I didn’t know how to get it. I did not want more material things, I had money in the bank, a great house, new cars, good clothes, all the little gadgets that people want. I wanted more than that, but what that was I did not know.

On the surface everything looked great. Inside there was another version of what was happening. I was empty and without purpose in my life. I was going through the motions but it was not fulfilling the reason that I was put on this earth. I had no clue what that reason was but I was searching for it in work, family, and stuff.

When I realized that there was more in life that all of those thing and that the reason for my existence was not to take care of anyone else, or to make a million dollars, I was stopped in my tracks. I sold the business in search of my purpose, excusing it with reasons that had nothing to do with finding my purpose. My husband left and I felt as if I was useless.

The reality was that I had filled my mind with information that I was experiencing and I was being led by those experiences. Where they led me was down a road of loss and regret but I had the fortune of being led back to my roots where my mom made me listen to positive motivating messages in her car. Those messages began to rise up in me. When I attended a training by Zig Ziglar’s family and became certified to teach his timeless message I began to see things differently. Those powerful messages changed my life. They changed my life because they changed the way I thought. My thoughts became my actions and those actions have carried me to places in my life that I never knew could even exist. I not only found my purpose, which was to take my past and use it to make someone else’s future brighter but it showed me the true meaning of success.

Success is not the things that you acquire throughout your life but the things that you become.

Change your thoughts by filling you mind with all that is good, positive and wholesome. It will produce miracles in your life and you will be living your life to win!

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