You have a Purpose

Today you can live your life with the purpose that you were designed to live. No more feelings of being lost or confused. No more sorrow because you have not achieved all that you feel you are capable of. Too many times we get caught up in our daily lives and forget about the dreams we had. Each day passes and we go further down the road that leads us away from our destined location.

The process to get back on the road that leads to your destiny is as follows;

  1. Determine the reason for your derailment

  2. Accept it as your past

  3. Forgive yourself and others

  4. Allow yourself to explore your innermost desires to find your dreams

  5. Explore the reasons that you want to achieve your dream

  6. Drill down into those reasons to get to the real heart of the matter

  7. Make a plan to achieve it

  8. Begin to take the steps in your plan to get there

This is a process and will require your effort. Additionally, some of this process may bring painful situations to the surface. Do not allow this to stop you. Let yourself process this pain and begin to understand that things you have said and done in your past are just that, your past. You cannot change it but you can use it to make you stronger and to help you reach your final destination.

Forgiveness is a place where you can get stuck. There are things that have happened in your life that you feel are unforgivable. You could feel like there is a person or persons involved do not deserve to be forgiven and perhaps this person is yourself. You must come to the understanding that without forgiveness there is no resolution and without resolution there is not exit. Remember that no matter what happened, it is your choice to move forward or to live in that pain. Once you have forgiven yourself and others, you will begin to feel liberated and begin to see things you could not see or feel before.

Dreaming is natural. Everyone has dreams and when you can channel those dreams into a physical process, your life begins to take on new meaning. Allow yourself to dream. Dream Big! Once you begin to dream, a few will become more prevalent. These are the dreams that you want to focus on. Write them in a journal or on a piece of paper and ask yourself why you want to achieve this dream. The first answer will not be the final reason. Drill down into it, continually asking yourself why until you can say “Ah Ha”. This moment is when you have found the undeniable reason that will give you the motivation to keep moving forward when times get hard and everything looks as if it is not moving forward.

The next stage is planning. Taking this dream and breaking it down into small achievable steps to move you steadily toward success. This plan should include things and people that you need to help you get there, defined obstacles with their solutions, a short term plan with small steps to get there.

The last step in this process is to begin taking the steps in your plan to achieve your dreams. Procrastination and fear will try to stop you. Find yourself an accountability partner or a coach to help you. Remember this, FEAR is only False Evidence Appearing Real.

“You can have everything that you want in life if you will just help enough other people get what they want.” Zig Ziglar

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