Home Team Advantage

Recently, I was reading an article that was written by Tom Ziglar, the proud son of Zig Ziglar. He was talking about how teams who played on their home field won the game more than sixty percent of the time. I was thinking about that considering why this was true. I asked a friend of mine who is a coach and I did some research. The obvious reasons are that they are more familiar with their home field and that they have more of their fans cheering them when they are at home. Research showed that the players of home field games had higher levels of hormones than when playing away. The contribution for this increase was contributed to the excitement created by the ones who support them.

Using these statistics and applying them to your life, you can win more easily when you are supported by your network of friends, family, and colleagues.

In my own life, as I look back on some of the things that I have experienced, one resounding detail is that when I had the support of the people closest to me, I achieved more. On the opposite side, when I went off on one of my tangents, without that support, it was more difficult to achieve.

When I say support, I do not mean approval. There is a difference. You can have the support of someone without having their approval. For instance, in a ball game, the fans support the team. They may not approve of the plays they use but they still support the team. Your personal life is the same. Your fans will support you even if they do not approve of the plays that you make. Understand that this support will not apply if you do something illegal or immoral.

When a team is practicing for a game they have a plan that includes a series of plays in it. This game plan directs them based on the research they have done about the competing team. They will use plays that help them gain advantages over their opposing team. They will practice them over and over so they can perform them with ease in the game. Their preparation is strenuous. On game day, when they enter the stadium, their fans are there, filling the stadium with cheering and excitement. Close your eyes and imagine being in that stadium listening to the cheers, hearing your name being called out, encouraging you to win. Are you feeling the excitement?

Here is your game plan;

  1. Identify your dream

  2. Qualify that this is god for everyone involved

  3. Write down all of the things that you need to achieve this dream

  4. Identify any personal requirements that you need to get there (licenses, certifications, etc)

  5. Name the people you need to help you (These will be your fans)

  6. Write down the obstacles you will encounter and resolve them now

  7. Begin to write the steps you need to take

  8. START

This game plan will help you play the game like the pros. Step number five will be key in helping you gain the momentum that you need to gain the advantage. Remember that you will win more with their support. Use your Home Team Advantage and achieve more than you ever imagined.

You can be, do and have everything that you want in life! Dream big, plan well, build fans and achieve your destiny!

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