Failing Your Way to Success

Success is something that we all want. That success could be in any area of your life. It could be your promotion at work or the growth of the business that you own, your marriage, or simply the winter weight that you need to shed before the summer. We are reaching for success but not reaching our full potential because of our fears. Fear is the major cause of complacency in today’s world.

You may be thinking that you are not afraid. If you were honest with yourself, there is probably, at least, one area in your life that you are afraid of not being able to accomplish. That fear, as small as it may be, will cause you not to reach you fullest potential in that area of your life.

For years, I would not take a job that paid commission. I reasoned it saying that it was better to have a set salary so you always knew what you were going to be paid. I was living in Austin, TX, taking drug and alcohol abuse counselling courses and I needed a job to maintain me while I was in school. The job that I was offered was a salespersons job at a well-known furniture retailer. This job paid commission only. Reluctantly, I accepted the position hoping that I could earn enough to make ends meet. That year, I earned more than I had ever earned in my life. That small step opened a door to limitless possibilities and built confidence in my own ability. It could have produced failure if I had not taken the opportunity but because I did take it, I succeeded in achieving more than my expectations.

Instead of fearing failure, embrace it. Remember when you were young and learning to ride a bicycle. You fell a few times, but that failure was a step to learning what you needed to do in order to ride the bicycle without falling. If you had not tried to ride the bicycle, you would have never accomplished success. By embracing the fear you became successful riding your bicycle.

In the two examples that were given above there are two different reasons that failure helped us achieve success.

1. Driving force to not fail

2. Small consecutive failures that taught the lessons needed to learn to succeed.

Both produce the same results in the end, SUCCESS.

On the other hand, if you never try you will never succeed. Every day you are making decisions and taking a chance on failing, unconsciously. For example, getting in your car and driving to work. There is a chance of you failing to get there but you get in your car and go anyway, achieving success every day. The larger successes in life are not made unconsciously, they are made with precision. They come with risk that creates chances for failures but it also creates chances for success. Don’t settle for the mediocre success that comes with unconscious risk, reach for success by taking the conscious, precise risks.

Michael Jordan said, “I have failed over and over and over again in my life. And that is why I succeed.”

If you would like learn more, contact Janna Valencia at, visit her website or You can also call her at 903-431-5657.

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