No more Limits

One day you look up and you do not know where you are or how you got there. You are lost and confused, not knowing how to get back on the road that brings you fulfillment and true joy. You spent years focused on your family and career, thinking that you were on the right path. You are not alone. There are many people that have traveled this path and felt what you are feeling. I was one of them.

I left my home town to pursue my dreams when I was seventeen. I was running on emotions, thinking I was on the road to happiness and success. I had a dream, fell in love, got married, started a family and was partaking in all of the normal things that life has to offer. I had joy and happiness. I learned about life. I had tribulations and problems. I created a path of success in my career, according to public opinion. For years, this is how I lived. One day, my daughter was grown, had a family of her own and I was alone. Life did not have the same purpose. I felt as if all my life had been for nothing. I had no purpose. I did not know why I existed.

I began looking for the answers and discovered that the reason for all that had happened over the years was due to a path that I took, that looked like it was the right way to go. What I did not know was, it was a road that would lead me far from where I should be. This path taught me many things that, in the future, would help me to get back on the correct road. I see this now, but then I was only lost and confused. This may be the way you are feeling. You must know, that you can be, do and have everything that you want in life. All of your dreams can come true. When you knew what your dreams were, this statement was great. Today, they have been buried underneath life and this statement does not seem to have much meaning. This the day to regain your dreams and overcome the past that has limited you.

Start by reaching deep within yourself, asking, “What do I feel?”. Now, ask yourself, “Why?”. Write them down. When you have the answer, look at them and search back in time to find when you first felt this way. What were the circumstances around this incident? How did you feel then? This is what is limiting you.

To overcome this limiting belief, you must find the opposite of this feeling. Zig Ziglar said, “You are designed for accomplishment, engineered for success and endowed with the seeds of greatness.” The negative feelings of depression, worthlessness, uselessness are not in your true nature. You are unique and have a purpose that was designed just for you. Inside you are the gifts and qualities that you need to achieve this purpose. There are two things that you need to get there. A plan that keeps you on the right path and the confidence to do it.

Write down what you want, the things you need to get it, the obstacles that you will encounter, how you will overcome them, the people you will need to help you, and the steps you need to take. Now, take the first step. Do not let doubt and fear overcome you. You can do this. Once you take the first step it will be come easier, your confidence will build and you will be on your way to reaching your destiny.

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