Summertime Blues

Summer is on the way. Most look forward to seeing it come. It means, weekends on the lake, vacations and lots of fun. Summer also brings with it the mid-year point. This means that in six short months another year will have come and gone. What can you do to maximize this time so that the momentum is building between now and July?

The biggest productivity thief is yourself. You have the best intentions. You make lists, take notes and commit to memory all of the things that you want and need to do. So why are you the thief? There are two main reasons and they are relatively simple.

  1. Failure to do something with all of the lists, notes and commitments.

  2. Allowing less important distractions take you away from your priorities

Failure to do something with the lists, notes and commitments is caused from lack of organization and from fear. The organization of your collection of lists, notes and commitments need to be detailed by priority based on the importance of the item in your plan of achievement and then on the due dates. A plan of achievement is important because it helps guide you on a daily basis and keeps you from straying from your original intent. You can write all of the lists and notes that you want but if they do not correspond with your plans (goals and dreams) then you will always feel as if you are just going through the motions without achieving satisfaction and fulfillment.

Fear is another reason that people fail to achieve everything they have intentions pf achieving. The fear of failure, fear of success, fear of persecution. You need to understand that the fears that you have, known or unknown, are only False Evidence Appearing Real. These are things that our imagination creates from insecurities that we have. If you will face the fear and step out with one small action toward achieving the one thing that you fear, you will begin to have less fear in that area.

The other main reason that you do not achieve everything that you are capable of achieving is caused by outside distractions that take you away from your initiative. For example, a coworker enters your office to talk about the latest rumors or you decide to take a moment to check your Facebook page and one hour later you look up from it. A financial challenge makes you take a different course to solve the problem now and years later you look up discontent and lost. This is everyday life. Without knowing it, you are robbing yourself of your destiny.

Make a good plan and include as much detail as possible. Review it every day so it stays fresh in your mind. Change it as needed so you stay on the right track. This is your guide but it is not carved in stone. When opportunities present themselves, ask yourself this question, “Is it taking me closer to or farther from achieving my goal?” Obviously if it is taking your farther away from your goals you should not consider it.

You do not have to get the Summer time blues. Make your plan and work it, one small step at a time until you get there. Do not worry that you cannot see the end result because when you get as far as you can see you will be able to see a litter farther.

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