Your Opinions will Direct Your Life

Life is a series of decisions that are made over the course of your lifetime. The choices that you make will have positive and negative effects on the outcome. Sometimes the decisions that you make are made due to something in your life that has happened to you or that you caused to happen. Regardless, these instances will cause you to form opinions which you will use throughout your life.

There are seven areas of your life that are vital to live a well-rounded life that is fulfilling. The seven areas, not in any particular order are,

  1. Personal

  2. Family

  3. Social

  4. Spiritual

  5. Career

  6. Financial

  7. Health

These seven areas can be grouped into 3 groups;

  1. Personal

  2. Personal

  3. Family

  4. Social

  5. Health

  6. Professional

  7. Career

  8. Financial

  9. Spiritual

  10. Spiritual

The needs that you are trying to fulfill are

  1. Certainty

  2. Significance

  3. Variety

  4. Love/Connection

  5. Growth

  6. Contribution

These are essential needs to live a fulfilled life. The first four needs will fulfill your personal and professional needs. The last two needs, Growth and Contribution, will fulfill your spiritual needs.

If you have experienced an area of your life where you seem to be stuck, the reason is because you filling a need with a false sense of fulfillment that is normally not healthy for you in any of the three groups in your life. An example would be a person who is unhappy and feels depressed. That person will continue in depression in order to gain love or connection from others and to feel certainty. They are certain to receive attention by being depressed. This is not healthy and will cause the person to cycle into an alternating change of feelings that vary from one extreme to another. The opposite feeling of depression would be anger, which fills the need for significance and variety.

In both cases they are falsely fulfilling a couple of needs but never experiencing all of them in conjunction. The feelings will alternate because the person gets tired of feeling that emotion. They will then move into the other emotion until they tire of that one.

This becomes a cycle that they will live in until they are able to become aware of it and make a decision to reach for something higher. This will lead to fulfilling the needs of growth and contribution. When we are growing in all areas of our life and are giving back to others we will become happy and whole. Fulfillment of the other four needs will follow after the spiritual needs.

You can take the uncertainty, insignificance, feelings of being unloved and disenchanted with the world and your life and turn it into purposeful decisions that will fill your spiritual needs and allow you to see a productive path to fulfill your personal needs.

You do not have to stay stuck anymore. Decide today that you are going to grow and experience all that life has waiting for you, leaving behind all of the pain, sorrow, regrets and indecision to use what you have learned in life to help yourself and others.

Zig Ziglar said, “You can have everything that you want in life if you will help enough other people get what they want.”

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