Finding Your Purpose Part 2- Why it Happens

You have identified the source of your limiting beliefs if you can say, “I feel this way because of _____.” This could be a something that you experienced in your past, as a child, or something that you have experienced later in life. These experiences had a major effect on your thought patterns, causing you to think particular things about yourself that are not true.

I spent my adult life thinking that I was not worthy to be loved and that I would always end up rejected by the men in my life, as a result, these relationships ended the same way every time, with a me feeling rejected and unloved. The source of the problem came from the first time I felt these feelings. It was when my parents divorced and my father moved. I was a "daddy’s girl" and spent many endless hours with my father, then one day, it stopped. Without knowing what I had done, I replaced the feelings of being rejected and unloved with anger.

I internalized these feelings and they became part of my thought process. Until I could release those limiting thoughts, I would continue to live in this cycle of feeling rejected and unloved, then angry. I would enter into a relationship to find love, and to feel significant. Then, because of the limiting beliefs that I had of being unworthy of love, I would, without knowing, do and say things that would cause stress in the relationship and eventually it would end. Additionally, the feelings that people have about themselves reflect outwardly, attracting others who, in themselves, have limiting beliefs that complement yours.

Perhaps you have heard the saying, “Two wrongs don’t make a right.” It is normally used in a different context but in this case I want to use it to show you that your limiting beliefs (the first wrong), will attract others who will also have limiting beliefs (the second wrong). This will not cure the limitations but only appease them for a time.

When you become discontented with the first feeling, you will alternate to the opposing feeling to fill the missing needs in your life. This does not mean that these feelings will cause bad relationships or that they will cause relationships to fail. However, your limiting beliefs can cause stress in your relationships which could be potentially damaging.

First, you learn how to identify the limiting beliefs. Second, you learn why it happens. Then you use what you have learned to reflect on your life and allow yourself to see that it does not matter who you are, where you have been or what you have been through, you can achieve everything that you want in life and find your destiny.

Reflect, this week, on the reason that your limiting beliefs exist, allowing it to be the past, building your strength and character for the future, but no longer allowing it to control your life in such a way that you live in a crazy recurring pattern that continues to keep you from achieving your potential.

Zig Ziglar said, "What you get by achieving your goals is not as important as what you become by achieving them."

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