iOPS-Your Personal Tracking System

National trends show our nation, as a whole, is losing consciousness of the state of our society, finance, government, interest in leadership, and international changes in power, while personally, we are deteriorating into states of confusion and indifference that is freezing our senses and causing us to become incapacitated with anger, fear, bitterness, and confusion.

We live in a world of constant change. Technology has made it possible to achieve everything in record time causing us to have to move faster to keep up with the change. Although change is inevitable and necessary, if not harnessed, will cause this indifference and confusion.

Take a look at how this applies to your own life. You run as hard and fast as you can through each day, trying to keep up with growing demands in your personal, family, social and professional lives. This constant pace distracts you and one day you look up, lost and confused, not knowing how you got there or how to get back.

The experiences that you have throughout your life determine your capacity and provide necessary knowledge to achieve your dreams. Each negative experience has the ability to sidetrack you or teach you a lesson that will help you to achieve your dreams. Allowing the experience to sidetrack you is akin to taking a wrong turn in a journey to a desired location. If not corrected, it will lead you in a different direction and cause you to become disoriented and lost. It will actually put you on a road that leads to nowhere, travelling many miles but never getting anywhere.

You have a built in system that guides you and if it has the correct information in it this system will guide you much like a GPS. Technologically, behind the scenes there is a system that monitor formation in the “cloud”. It is called IOPS.

The definition of IOPS is a standard of measurement of input/output operations per second. It is used to measure the number of reads and writes to a contiguous storage location better known as “the Cloud”. The information guides the technicians and helps them to understand how the system is being used thus enabling them to enhance it and increase its capabilities, security, and stability.

There is a system similar to this, iOPS. It is your personal tracking system. It helps you plan the route back to your road to success and monitors your progress, keeping you focused on the end result. It will help you to identify those “wrong turns”, Overcome the limitations that been holding you back and Plans the road that leads to your Success.

i-Identify the pain that has caused your limiting beliefs and taken you on the wrong roads

O-Overcome those limiting beliefs and build self-confidence to help you see clearly

P-Plan your new path, step by step, to get back to the road that leads to your destiny

S-Successful achievement of regaining control of your life and reaching for your dreams

It does not matter who you are, where you have been or what you have been through, you can achieve everything in life that you want.

Zig Ziglar said, "What you get by achieving your goals is not as important as what you become by achieving them."

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