Distractions Create Loss

So many times we get so caught up in our regular daily activities that we forget to think about why we get up every day to do what we do. Our day starts and we perform, step by step, in regular form, “our day”. Along the way there may have been somethings that happened to change the regular routine and it disrupted the flow of your routine. That really gets us out of sync and depending on the magnitude of what happens we have a difficult time completing the rest of our day.

Humans are creatures of habit and what I have just described is a series of habits that have been developed by repeating them over and over again. Habits are formed when joy or pleasure is experienced by the brain. For instance, if you are a smoker, the reason that you developed the habit of smoking is because your brain associated smoking with a feeling that was pleasurable. For me, it was a “stress reliever”. My brain told me that when I smoked I would have less stress so every time I got a little stress, I would smoke. It became an automatic loop in my brain so I didn’t intentionally think about smoking. The 3rd step in the habit forming process is the reward. My reward was stress relief. What was really happening was that I was forming a habit that not only was unhealthy for me but was removing the thought process from the action of smoking and thereby becoming an action that was taken without cognitive thought of what I was doing. Another habit that is formed by most of us is when you live in the same place for a long time and you can drive to work and back home while thinking of other things, talking on the phone and, honestly, not paying attention. Scary isn’t it?

Habits can disturb your productivity and keep you from achieving your goals. For instance, millions of people have a Facebook account and are so connected to it that they lose hours every day looking at all of posts, commenting and posting themselves. I am not saying that Facebook is bad, I am saying that developing the “Facebook” habit will disrupt your productivity. That is bad. Facebook send’s notices to your phone when something happens that you are connected to on Facebook. These notices will distract you, you will stop what you are doing and look to see what it was and then you see a friend’s post and another and another….30 minutes later you return to work but have to start over because the progress was stopped.

You can overcome any habit. Your brain is very powerful and if you really want to stop a habit just replace it with another. If you want to smoke because it relieves stress find another stress reliever like walking or exercise. Whenever Facebook calls you, first turn off notifications on your phone, second when you think about checking your account, instead write a report for your work or journal for yourself.

Anything that you do repeatedly over time will become a habit. If it is a healthy, more productive action you will be one step closer to achieving your goals and living a better life.

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