Being a Difference Maker

Recently, I was reading an article about the creator of our online booking software and the kiosks that we use to check in for your flight at the airport. This man is responsible for the development of, what we know as, Priceline. His name is Jeff Hoffman. He never intended to change in the way we travel, but because of him, we can now afford to travel and look for the best price on hotels, air travel and car rentals, without a travel agent, unless, of course, you prefer to use one.

When he was a teenager, he wanted to go to college, but not just any college. He wanted to go to Yale. His family did not have the means to put him through college at Harvard and he had to begin locally. While attending the local school he began to earn money writing code (a technical term) for companies and in his first year he paid for his Yale tuition. He eventually created what we know today as Priceline. He said that he never set out to be an entrepreneur but he ended up being one and in that process he realized that his success was because he was solving other people’s problems and he enjoyed doing it. He has helped many people and today is helping people, globally, to become the entrepreneur that they want to be.

Mr. Hoffman was going about his daily life, not knowing what effect he was having on others around him until, one day, the light bulb went on. After that moment he began intentionally helping others and has made an impact all around the world. This man is a difference maker. The point that I want make is that he was an average boy who became an exceptional man just by pursuing his innermost desires. He is no different than you.

You too can be a difference maker just by pursuing your innermost desires. You can do it in spite of your past, education, financial status and what others say. You must determine to do it, plan it and then put the plan in motion. The most important part is that you have an undeniable reason to do it. It is the one reason that keeps you up at night, wakes you up early in the morning and motivates you to keep going in spite of the circumstances. This reason is not just because you want to have a lot of money or to have fame. It is one that is not selfish, that gives back as you gain.

If all I cared about in my business was the money I made and the people that I helped were not important to me, what would I gain? I am not saying that you should not be concerned with the money, on the contrary, if you are truly genuine in your desire to solve someone’s problem then money is a very viable way to be able to do more of it.

In the end, if we live our lives fulfilling our innermost desires and are not selfish, we will make a difference and positively affect other lives. Join me today in fulfilling your dreams and spreading this success on to others.

Zig Ziglar said, "What you get by achieving your goals is not as important as what you become by achieving them."

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