Finding Your Purpose

Your life is a magnificent creation that unfolds around you daily. Although the things that happen throughout the day may seem insignificant, they really play a very important role in your future.

When I was a teenager, I wanted to conquer the world. Well, I still do, but at a different level now. I had grand dreams of becoming a veterinarian, marrying my high school sweetheart and living the happily-ever-after-fairytale life. I could have achieved all of these dreams if I had been paying attention to the Zig Ziglar messages playing in my mom's car every day. Instead, I complained about how boring they were and would jump out of the car as soon as it stopped so I could turn on the latest hit playing on the radio. I went through many years of my life living as if tomorrow would never come, doing whatever I wanted, seemingly, without recourse. Today, many years later, I am living my dreams, not as a veterinarian nor married to my high school sweetheart but living my destiny helping others to find their purpose in life.

There was a time, in between these two stages in my life, where I had no purpose. I did not understand how I had gotten so lost. This is the place where you know that there is more, but you don't know how to get there.

It does not matter who you are, where you have been or what you have been through. You can still find true purpose in your life and achieve your destiny. There are a few things to understand and a process to get there but it is not difficult and it begins with taking the first step.

It is not possible to go through the entire process all at one time, so we will begin the process today and continue until you have the information you need to achieve the desired success in your life.

Step 1. Identify the problem. Is it over eating, an addiction, problems in a relationship or in your business? The problem is a result of something deeper, a limiting belief that is meeting a need in your life. Write down the feelings that are associated with the problem. These feelings will be alternating, opposite feelings. One will take you lower into a slower, more relaxed state where you will find comfort, connections to people and certainty. The other feeling will take you into a more stressful, energetic state where the needs that will be met are the feeling of significance and variety. These two states will provide you with all of the personal needs that you require to feel fulfilled. However, in order to truly be fulfilled, you must have all of them together along with two spiritual needs that can only be experienced with the fulfillment of your personal needs. These alternating states will transition one to the other never fulfilling all of them at once.

You must know that you were created to fulfill a purpose in life. Our past decisions will either lead us in a path to that purpose or away from that purpose. To reach your purpose in life, you must connect with the deeper part of yourself -- your soul.

Zig Ziglar said, "What you get by achieving your goals is not as important as what you become by achieving them."

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