Don't Get Stuck in a Rut

You are going along at a great pace. Everything seems to be going smoothly, then one day you realize that somewhere along the way your progress stopped. You begin to try to figure out where it happened and why, during this, time is still moving and while you are trying to determine what happened you are just digging into a rut.

When I was a teenager, we entertained ourselves by going “Mud Doggin”. Remember, I am from the country. We did not have all of the conveniences of the city to keep us occupied so we created things to do. “Mud Doggin”, for those of you from the city, is an activity that involves mud, trucks, jeeps, and sometimes, the brave ones brought their cars. We would take the vehicles out to the muddy place and we would run the vehicles through it, twisting and turning to see if we could get through the mud without getting stuck. Sometimes, we would get in a rut that another vehicle had made prior to us. This rut would cause us to get stuck so we would try to get out by accelerating or backing up, only causing us to deepen the rut. If you had four wheel drive and could engage it to put all 4 wheels in action at the same time there was a possibility to get out. If it did not work, everyone would get out and wade through the mud to find things to put in the rut to give the tires traction thus enabling the vehicle to get out of the rut. If a vehicle did not have 4 wheel drive or we could not find the right kind of things to put in the rut, we would not be able to get it out without help from an outside source.

Like the truck that gets stuck in the rut, you are twisting and turning in your life trying to get the other side without getting stuck but there are ruts along the way and somewhere in that journey you may get into one of those ruts causing you to get stuck. The way out of the rut is one hundred percent engagement from you, AND obtain the tools that you need to help you get traction and get out of the rut. One without the other will reduce your odds of getting out.

Like the vehicles that tried to get out by accelerating and/or backing up, this could cause you to get stuck deeper in the rut. If you try to get out with acceleration, you are only making a big mess in every area. If you try to get out by going backward, you will only follow along the rut that you are in.

If you get stuck in a rut, immediately do the following

  1. Stop momentarily and engage yourself with one hundred percent effort

  2. Obtain the appropriate tools and put them into action

  3. Begin moving forward using the tools

  4. Taking small, consecutive, consistent steps

  5. Celebrate your success.

“Failure is a detour, not a dead end street.” Zig Ziglar

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