How to gain momentum

When starting something new, all of us start at the same place, ground zero, if you will. At this level you have decided that you are going to accomplish a particular goal and you have thought about how to get there. Hopefully you have written the details and steps out in a plan to make it happen. If you have, then you are ready to begin. If you have not done this part, then you need to do these things first.

Beginning is always the hardest part of any new project or venture, especially when it means that you must change something that you are accustomed to doing or saying. These are called habits. Habits are traditionally seen has difficult to change but the truth is that a habit is only an accumulation of small actions taken continuously over time forming a particular result. Humans are habitual. So forming a habit is not hard. Breaking a habit is where the problem occurs. It is not in the actual task of changing the habit but in the thought of changing it. Your mind is going to tell you that it too difficult and adverse results will happen if you try so it is better to not do it. This happens because no one likes resistance and you know that there is going to be resistance.

To change this mind set you simply need to break the change down into steps that don’t actually cause your mind or body to retaliate. For instance, if you decide that you are going to lose twenty pounds, instead of looking at the twenty pounds and what you have to do to lose it, instead look at the first pound, then the second and then the third, continuing until the twenty pounds is reached. In your mind, one pound is nothing to achieve but twenty is impossible.

Momentum is gained after there has been relative progress in your efforts. As you make small victories your confidence will build and you will become more sure of yourself accomplishing more and feeding the energy behind your efforts. It is what Darren Hardy, editor of Success Magazine calls the Compound Effect, one small step at a time made consistently over time creating the end result.

The human mind is incredible and when you channel the power that it has to accomplish your goals, there is nothing that you cannot achieve. Take a look at your life as a child. As you grew, you learned what you could do and what you could not do. Some of what you could not do was because of the direction of your parents. They were telling you that you could not do it. This limitation can be removed and replaced by using the example above and applying the Compound Effect to your life. Additionally, as each step is accomplished, your confidence will cause you to gain momentum. Sound easy? Try it and you will find that the obstacles in your path are not as monumental as you thought they were.

Zig Ziglar said, “You don’t have to be great to start but you have to start to be great.”

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