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Failure is not a person it is an event.  It is not what you get from achieving your goals that matters, it is what you become.  Both of these statements were made by Zig Ziglar.  He was a great motivator but more than that he built lasting hope and inspiration inside the hearts and souls of millions of people.  I was one of them.  Because of the message that he taught, I am living proof that there is hope and that you can overcome even the toughest situations to become successful and feel purposeful again.  


I would like to show you that you are worthy and you have the potential to achieve everything that you want in life.  Even if, right now, you do not know what that is.  We can discover it together and I will help you through the process of overcoming the past, accepting as the past, discovering your dreams, planning your future and reaching your destiny.

Everyone needs mentors and people that they can confide in.  A coach is a person who can listen to you, relate to your circumstances, see solutions and options that are difficult to see when you are in the middle of it all.  

My training not only consists of many years of experience in overcoming obstacles in life and business but I have achieved certification from Ziglar Corporation as a Legacy trainer.  


I have also obtained my certification as a Robbins Madanes coach.  This training, inspired by Tony Robbins and refined by master psychotherapist, Cloe Madanes, has taught me how to strategically intervene in situations to effectively bring awareness and solutions to events that have caused a lifetime of limitations.


I am also a fitness coach and have teamed up with a national organization whose goal is to end obesity in America.  I overcame obesity and have learned how to control my weight, reshape my body and become healthier.  There is nothing more pleasing than to be able to end the struggle of the bulging fat and feelings of shame and guilt for over eating.  I have conquered this illness that has become epidemic in our country.  Whether you want to lose a lot of weight, tone up or just learn how to have a healthier life.  The programs that I can offer you are sure to help conquer your goals.

I am an entrepreneur who has started many businesses,  experienced the feeling of failure and the victory of success.  I have learned from  making many errors and know how to succeed in business.  If you are in business for yourself or want to be, I can help you get on the right path to success.  A mentor of mine says that you went into business to obtain more time and freedom but end up becoming a slave to your business.  He is right, this is what happened to me and to many other business owners but it doesn't have to be that way.  You can have the freedom and time that you desire AND own your own business.  I can show you how.

Personally, I have experienced depression, physical and mental abuse, drug addiction, obesity, financial destruction and failed relationships.  It may sound like my life is a mess, well, it was, until I learned that all of it is really my strength.  Due to all of the experiences that I have had, I can relate to many different people on many different levels.  I have a burning desire to give this freedom to others who feel lost hopeless, useless and out of control.

Today, I am free of all of these destructive, controlling limitations.  I am living proof that anyone can do this.  Let me show you how you too can live in freedom and walk in your destiny.



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