The Road to Healing

The Road to Healing  Turning Yeterday's Pain into th Stepping Stones that Lead to Your Destiny Janna Valencia

Moving Beyond Past Loss and Hurt 
“Nothing change lives like the truth. I love how you proclaimed our Savior! Well done!”  
— Julie Ziglar Norman, Author, Keynote Speaker, Life Coach and Founder of Ziglar Women 

Life can leave you lost, confused and hurt, allowing your past to rob you of your purpose, your desires and your dreams. However, you can use your past as a tool to create the path that will lead you to your destiny. Regardless of who you are, where you have been or what obstacles you have faced, you can overcome them and achieve everything you want in life. 
The Road to Healing will:
• Provide you with the knowledge of what is holding you back and limiting your abilities. 
• Help you to understand how to deal with these roadblocks. 
• Explore your innermost desires to discover your dreams. 
• Guide you through developing a plan to help you overcome your past and achieve a successful future 
• Encourage you to begin taking the steps to an empowered path of focus, determination and joy. 

Janna Valencia reveals her life experiences to show how you too can overcome addiction, abuse, depression and loss. Her experience has been gained through the “school of hard knocks” and her education has included the study of basic theories in psychology. She has gained her certification as a Ziglar Legacy Trainer teaching others to live to win. Janna is also a Robbins Madanes Coach, using her skills to help others to be, do and have more in their life. The most powerful experience that she has gained is through the power of prayer, meditation and studying the word of God.  
Walk with her on your Road to Healing and turn the pain of your past in to the stepping-stones that will lead to your destiny.